Our Photographers


Jeannie Albers

I believe art is so powerful; it can shift environments to benefit individuals, families, and communities... and sometimes, it can carry such a powerful message that it impacts the world.  My desire is to create meaningful art; visual pieces that reflect the Creator, are a voice for the oppressed, love the unloved, give to those in need, and sometimes are simply the enjoyment of the life we have.

While I love travel and adventure, you can also count on me to be your everyday-life-enthusiast.  I am interested in how you set the table for dinner, and your windowsill herb garden that bathes in the afternoon light.  I love your family heirloom piano (even though no-one knows how to play a full song on it, and it’s slightly out of tune).  I want to see the beach house your family vacations to in the summer, where you assemble puzzles in the evenings.  Show me the rooftop you escape to when you’ve had a long week.  Tell me about that letter you’ve been waiting for all these years but have yet to receive.  


Sol basconcillo

I was born in Naples, Italy, and grew up in the beautiful coastal city of Charleston, SC, where he currently resides. I was often tabbed as the family photographer and videographer during gatherings and events. My interests continued through college, where I learned and practiced  film shooting and darkroom processing. After earning a bachelors degree in Media Arts, I began his career in 2005 as a product photographer, cataloging antiques and historical pieces. .  These days, you can find Sol taking pictures of weddings, families, and travel adventures. 

During his downtime, I can be found at home or around town with his wife, Josephine, and their children. 

I finds a great sense of purpose in helping families tell their stories. My goal is to document memories in a simple and truthful way.  I believe in a flexible approach- capturing authenticity and candor, while directing when necessary.